WMF 9000 coffee machine


WMF 9000 automatic coffee machine


Coffee machine

a coffee machine synonymous with reliability and excellence.


The high-performance WMF 9000 coffee machine has a maximum output of 350 cups per hour. She prepares the most diverse specialties very quickly, all at a professional level. In a first class hotel, in a busy station café, in a petrol station or in a bakery … Thanks to its new and innovative concept of use and screen, the WMF 9000 S + can be used in both self-service only by maintenance staff. The control of the whole range of hot and cold drinks is thus facilitated: specialties based on coffee, milk, tea with chocolate drinks.

Its high-performance mills and its Heavy Duty infuser, as well as its easy, fast and fully automatic cleaning system, contribute to its longevity and reliability on a daily basis. Thanks to the « Clean in Place » milk system cleaning device, the machine always complies with HACCP standards. 

The perfect combination of all these elements results in easy handling, minimum maintenance requirements and extreme longevity, making the WMF 9000 coffee machine a reliable partner and, of course, « Made in Germany ».



Beverage settings


The WMF professional coffee machine adapts to the needs of different user groups. Whether you want an espresso, a long coffee or a cappuccino, we give you the means to prepare each specialty at the most suitable brewing temperature.


cafe grain

Dynamic Milk


This patented milk system allows you to choose between four different consistencies of hot milk froth and three variants of cold milk froth, hot milk and cold milk.


machine à café



The patented WMF SteamJet system allows you to bring any preparation to the right temperature. WMF 9000 coffee machine: Top quality coffee.


machine à café

Hot water setting


The three hot water temperatures and the increased precision of the dispensing temperature allow you to prepare a perfect tea.


automatic coffee machine

Concept of use


The configurable user interface of the WMF 9000 Coffee Machine offers more freedom in configuring the layout and special functions. For all user groups.



WMF CoffeeConnect


The intelligent business solution of integrating the WMF 9000 S + with the WMF CoffeeConnect digital platform offers many possibilities. It allows you to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.



WMF 9000 coffee machine
High performance


A guarantee of excellent performance thanks to the high performance mills and pump as well as the robust Heavy Duty infuser.



Advertising options


Turnover that is increasing visibly. In LS mode, the ten inch screen can be configured to display advertisements or special offers .


WMF 9000 coffee machine

Dynamic Milk 2 milks


Allows you to use two types of milk: for example, normal and skim milk, soy milk, or lactose-free milk.


 WMF 9000

WMF 9000 coffee machine
Mixing bowl


The new mixing bowl for milk chocolate or chociatto guarantees an intuitive and safe handling, minimal maintenance requirements and a long service life .


Wmf Automatic Coffee Machine Video