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WMF 5000 S automatic coffee machine


Coffee machine

Endless specialties. Instantly.


WMF has developed a machine that combines the capabilities and performance of an imposing fully automatic machine, all in an elegant model with a reduced footprint. The WMF 5000 S not only allows you to produce fantastic coffee, it makes it quick and easy. In addition, the wmf 5000 coffee machine has specific functions, for example the Dynamic Milk system. The WMF 5000 S can prepare hot and cold milk of different consistencies and guarantees a completely natural milk flavor. This is how we manage to satisfy the tastes and needs of each client .


Coffee machine

Compact dimensions


The patented mixing bowl system impresses with incredible ease of use, cleaning and maintenance. The magnetic closure system guarantees correct placement of the blender jar. In addition, a built-in sensor controls the perfect fit of the mixer wheel .


Coffee machine



The user is free to customize the interactive color screen of the wmf 5000 coffee machine by choosing their own color palette. The screen can also be used for viewing drink illustrations and even playing videos. Navigation with quick access to the main menu is intuitive thanks to the touch screen with scanning function.


Coffee machine



Thanks to the correct positioning of the coffee outlet, the temperature of the drink obtained is perfect, and unsightly milk splashes are a thing of the past. The flow height of the WMF 5000 S + is therefore adjusted according to the instructions provided in each recipe. The adjustable height is part of the standard equipment of the Dynamic Milk system.


Coffee machine



The innovative Dynamic Milk Assist system ensures incredible quality for all milk drinks with incredible consistency. Using state-of-the-art sensors, the system continuously monitors the temperature and flow of milk. This data is used, for example, to control the speed of the mixer and produce a milk froth that perfectly matches the selected consistency. The Dynamic Milk Assist system can also reliably detect when the milk supply is empty, even with Bag-in-Box systems.


Coffee machine



The Dynamic Milk Assist innovation ensures a high and particularly consistent quality of all milk-based drinks. Using state-of-the-art sensors, it continuously monitors the temperature in the cooler and the milk flow in the machine.


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