WMF 1200 coffee machine


WMF 12oo S automatic coffee machine


Coffee machine

Enter the professional world of coffee – spoil your customers


The WMF 1200 S is a professional coffee machine for low to medium yields. It will fulfill all the wishes of coffee lovers, from espresso to long coffee, including café au lait, latte macchiato, milk chocolate and even chociatto. Just press a button to get a reliable, quality drink. The intuitive screen allows you to easily prepare a perfect drink.


machine à café

Central hot water distribution


Just press a button to get hot water at the ideal temperature for making tea, for example.


Coffee machine

Two integrated LEDs


The lighting at the lower part of the facade makes the outlet tray shine and ideally brings the drink to light.


Coffee machine

A delicious milk chocolate or chociatto


With hot fresh milk, you can make almost any chocolate and coffee creation.


Coffee machine

Flexible water supply


The possibility of choosing between a water tank or a fixed water supply makes it possible to adapt to all wishes and conditions.


Coffee machine

Combination possible thanks to the slim design


Thanks to its limited dimensions, the machine can be installed anywhere. Combine with WMF 1200 F to prepare any specialty coffee.


Coffee machine

Zero-Energy function


Once the machine is turned off, it really is. This means that it does not consume electricity.


WMF Automatic Coffee Machine Video