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Tassimo Coffee Machine

Tassimo VIVY 2

Efficient and Fast, The Tassimo Vivy 2 is a compact machine which is able to produce several types of drinks very easily.

Feature Tassimo Vivy 2

Power 1300 W

Pressure: 3.3 Bars

Weight: 2.4 kg

Dim. (WxHxD): 17 x 31 x 25 cm

Water tank capacity: 0.7 l

Over 40 drinks available

Unique and patented T-Disc technology

Personalization of drinks

Reviews + Reviews –

-Small, compact and quiet


-fully automatic Tassimo Coffee Machine

-Preheating before each preparation

-Remove the used T-Disc immediately or the nozzle may leak.

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Price Tassimo VIVY 2

Tassimo Coffee Machine

Tassimo SUNY

The Tassimo Suny uses the T-Discs System: it automatically recognizes the capsule, adjusts the volume, the temperature and the infusion time. tassimo

Features Tassimo SUNY

Power 1300 W

Pressure: 3.3 Bars

Weight: 2.7 kg

Dims. (lxHxP): 16.7 x 25 x 30.5 cm

Water tank capacity: 0.8 l

Over 40 drinks available

Unique and patented T-Disc technology

Personalization of drinks

Reviews + Reviews –

-Fast and discreet

-Large selection of drinks

-2 adjustable cup heights

-Only one cup at a time

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Price Tassimo Suny

Tassimo Coffee Machine

Tassimo HAPPY

This coffee machine is sure to surprise you with its wide selection of tasty drinks. The TASSIMO HAPPY adapts to all styles and prepares your drinks in the blink of an eye.

Features Tassimo HAPPY

Power 1400 W

Pressure: 3.3 Bars

Weight : 2.6 kg

Dims. (lxHxP): 17.5 x 26.5 x 30.5 cm

Water tank capacity: 0.7 l

Over 40 drinks available

Unique and patented T-Disc technology


Reviews + Reviews –

– Descaling indicator
– Empty tank indicator
– Compact machine
– Automatic standby

-No customization possible

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Tassimo HAPPY Price

Tassimo Coffee Machine

Tassimo CADDY

The Caddy coffee machine from the Tassimo range, manufactured by Bosch, is a multi-drink machine that will dazzle lovers of filter coffee and gourmet drinks.. Tassimo Coffee Machine

Features Tassimo CADDY

Power 1300 W

Pressure: 3.3 Bars

Weight: 2.9 kg

Dims. (lxHxp): 27 x 32 x 18 cm

Water tank capacity: 1.2 l

Over 40 drinks available

Unique and patented T-Disc technology

Energy Class A

Reviews + Reviews –

– Compactness
-Ease of use and maintenance
-Heating time
-Wide variety of drinks

-Extraction time
-Plastic Materials

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Price Tassimo CADDY

Tassimo Coffee Machine

Tassimo My WAY

Everyone to his own tastes ! TASSIMO MY WAY offers you the possibility of personalizing your hot drinks. Prepare your tailor-made drinks as you like.

Features Tassimo My WAY

Power 1300W

Pressure: 3.3 Bars

Weight: 2.7 kg

Dims. (lxHxP): 23 x 29 x 32,5 cm

Water tank capacity: 1.3l

Over 40 drinks available

Unique and patented T-Disc technology

Personalization of drinks

Reviews + Reviews –

-indicate when to descale
– solid
– silent (51 dB)
– long coffee in 1 min
– Steam cleaning between each drink

– Need for space above the tank. – Preheating between each drink

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Tassimo Coffee Machine

Tassimo JOY

La Tassimo JOY included a Brita filtration system to reduce chlorine and lime in the water in order to obtain a better taste and a longer life for the coffee maker.

Features Tassimo JOY

Power 1300 W

Pressure 3.3 bars

Weight: 3.3 kg

Dims. (lxHxP): 23 x 29 x 33 cm

Water tank capacity: 1.4 l

Over 40 drinks available

Unique and patented T-Disc technology

Personalization of drinks

Reviews + Reviews –

– Brita water filter
-Choice of drinks
-Espresso in 45s
– Descaling and water level indicator
-Possibility of adding hot water

-provide additional Brita filter

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Tassimo JOY Price

Vidéo Tassimo Coffee Machine

Bosh Tassimo VIVY 2: Fully Automatic

The Bosch Tassimo Vivy 2 coffee machine is a compact coffee maker capable of producing more than 40 different types of drinks quickly.

Its pleasant and very compact design, the capsule coffee machine Vivy 2 is very easy to use. Insert the capsule T-Disc , start the preparation of a simple Pressure on a button and the coffee maker prepares your favorite drink.

Easy to maintain, with an adjustable cup rest for both small and large cups, it’s a very practical capsule coffee machine . Its 0.7 liter tank placed on the side is sufficient for daily consumption.

Two indicator lights indicate the water level in the tank or whether the machine needs to be descaled. At 54 dB, it’s a coffee maker relatively discreet.

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Vidéo Tassimo Coffee Machine

Bosch Tassimo SUNY : Discreet but elegant

The TASSIMO Suny from Bosch stands out for its minimalism. This TASSIMO SUNY Coffee Maker is extremely easy to use. Thanks to its SmartStart technology, it is extremely simple to use: the preparation is started by pressing your cup on the bottom of the machine.

At 50 euros maximum, it’s a coffee machine with a good quality- price. Thanks to its handle, the 0.8 liter tank is easy to fill. No more wasted capsules : an indicator light indicates the amount of water in the tank. A descaling light is also available.

Its chrome finish gives it a look and design that fits perfectly in any kitchen! It is available in white, lacquered black or red.

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Vidéo Tassimo Coffee Machine

Bosch Tassimo Happy : Basic and fast

The Bosch Tassimo Happy coffee machine is a machine made in one block: it is robust, reliable and easy to clean. The tank with a capacity of 0.7 liters is located on the side. With a Pressure of 9 bars , this coffee maker makes it possible to obtain a creamier espresso . A single button is enough to prepare delicious drinks : espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, latte macchiato ….

With the T-disc system, the capsule machine automatically adjusts the temperature, the quantity of water as well as the infusion time.

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Vidéo Tassimo Coffee Machine

Bosch Tassimo : Silent

The Bosch Tassimo Caddy coffee maker seems to have been specifically designed to be installed everywhere. It is equipped with 2 T-Disc capsule holders which can contain up to 16 drinks each

The Tassimo Caddy emits no more than 50 dB , making it probably the quietest of the Tassimo coffee makers . Fast, it preheats in 15 seconds and it takes less than 40 seconds to prepare a delicious drink .

The tank can hold up to 1.2l and can be removed from the front. 3 lights allow you to control the machine coffee at any time: water level, descaling, preparation of a drink is in progress

This Coffee maker is highly rated both for its design, its handling and its reliability. 

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Vidéo Tassimo Coffee Machine

Bosch TASSIMO : My Way

Tailor-made: the new generation of Tassimo

The intuitive touch screen of this Bosch Tassimo My Way capsule coffee machine allows you select your preferred options in the blink of an eye; drinks already pre-set or personalized … the choice is yours!

Everyone can now choose and program their favorite drink according to their wishes: teas, coffees or chocolates …

With the touch control panel on the front of the coffee maker , simply select the length (small, medium or large cup), the intensity (from gentle to intense) or even the desired temperature.

The design of the new flagship model displays lines that are reworked and always more aesthetic in order to give cachet in your kitchen or office.

This capsule coffee machine is highly rated on online stores

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Vidéo Tassimo Coffee Machine

Large tank with Brita filter

The quality of the water is a significant element for a quality espresso . This is why the Tassimo Coffee Machine Joy from Bosch is fitted with a Brita Maxtra filter . This filter will purify your water for about 400 cups. But that’s not all, it will also protect the boiler of your favorite coffee maker .

With a large tank with a capacity of 1.4 liters), this Tassimo Joy is ideal for preparing mugs. To prevent splashing, the cup rest is adjustable to 4 different heights .

Thanks to a standby at the end of preparation, the power consumption of this Joy Tassimo is quite weak.

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Tassimocalled on the manufacturer Bosch to design its capsule coffee machines . A revolutionary system, the T-disc system , makes the use of the coffee maker as easy as possible. No settings to make, the Tassimo Coffee Machine Bosch takes care of Everything. Indeed, the T-Disc system allows the machine to recognize the barcode of each capsule used in order to adjust automatically the temperature and the quantity of water as well as the time to brew your favorite drink. In addition it is also possible to personalize your drink by lengthening or decreasing the amount of water. 

Which brand of capsule coffee maker to choose: Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Senseo, Tassimo or Lavazza?

Buying a capsule machine can be complicated given the quantity of coffee maker and capsule – pod available. There are several points to consider. Even if the drinks obtained are not exactly the same, all coffee connoisseurs find themselves there.

Lavazza develops automatic coffee makers with 15 bars of Pressure, there is a good variety of capsules coffee.
price, comparison and reviews of capsule machines Lavazza ici

Nespresso manufactures automatic capsule machines at 19 bars of Pressure, a very wide variety of capsules coffee like Starbucks or gourmet drinks
price, comparison and review of coffee machines capsule Nespresso here

With Bosch, Tassimo offers automatic coffee machines with 3.3 bars of Pressure. Thanks to the T-Disc system, more than 40 capsules are available as milka, carte blanche, oreo, suchard, earl gray …
price, comparison and review of machines with capsule Tassimo here

Philips and Senseo created machines at 1 bar Pressure, which is sufficient for paper coffee pods. With a good variety of pods, Senséo coffee machines are the only ones that can prepare double drinks.
price, comparison and review of coffee machines capsule Senséo here

Dolce Gusto has teamed up with Krups to present Automatic or manual capsule coffee machines with 15 bars of Pressure. The Dolce Gustos are the only ones to offer coffee makers with hot or cold water, a good variety of drinks (Nesquick capsule)
price, comparison and review of capsule machines Dolce Gusto here


Quelle est la Meilleure Machine Tassimo?

Ci joint une top list of best cafetières Tassimo in 2020 

How to choose your Tassimo Machine?

The new Tassimo coffee makers revolutionize the world of capsule machines with the exclusive T-Disc system. All T-Disc capsules have a barcode which will transmit the necessary information to the device.

Each Tassimo capsule indicated by machine the ideal water level, the temperature water or even the Pressure adapted to your favorite drink.

An automatic cleaning system for the spout is also integrated on some models of Tassimo machine.

A wide variety of delicious capsules makes this Tassimo coffee maker essential

Quelle Tassimo Coffee Maker? Which Tassimo machine to choose?

Small buying guide for new Tassimo machines. The very good value for money of Tassimo machines explains the success of these capsule machines. Tassimo a fact called on the reliability and seriousness of Bosch for the design of their machines. This small list of criteria you want to choose your capsule coffee maker.

Choice of Capsules: Currently, more than 40 varieties of capsules are available. Tassimo has established numerous partnerships with major brands such as Milka, Cadbury, Gevalia, Grand’Mère, HAG, Jacobs, Kenco, L’OR, Maxwell House, Milka, Oreo, Suchard, Tassimo, Twinings …. The Tassimo machines are not just capsule coffee machines : coffee, tea, hot chocolates or gourmet drinks will delight all palates.

The cup rest: Each drink has its own cup; this is why an adjustable cup rest is an essential element in the choice of a capsule machine. The area of distribution of the drink must be able to adapt to each cup. 

Warm-up time: tassimo capsule machines have a very correct preheating time between 15 and 30 seconds. The ideal temperature for your drink will be defined according to the barcode of the capsule chosen

Personalization of drinks: Not all tassimo machines offer this type of option. Only coffee makers with manual mode allow personalization of drinks. You can then choose the ideal amount of water for your café

The design of the coffee machine: Manufactured by Bosch, the Tassimo machines are designed with the utmost care in order to adapt to all locations. Indeed the rounded design of the machines attracts all eyes and invites to tasting

What is the price of a Tassimo coffee maker?

With prices between 20 and 100 euro, the Tassimo coffee machines are among the cheapest on the market. Bosch manufactured, Tassimo coffee makers are renowned for being robust and reliable. Simple and effective, most consumer reviews for tassimo coffee machines are very positive. 

Where to find a cheap Tassimo coffee maker

Many online stores offer Tassimo capsule coffee machines : amazon, boulanger, darty , crossroads, cdiscount …

In order to buy your Tassimo machine , wait for the best time to make your purchase tassimo machine : Sale, black friday, christmas, promo …

Most stores offer attractive prices with free delivery or even free capsules 

What is the price of Tassimo Capsules. 

the price of coffee varies according to its packaging

see our Tassimo capsule offers

The whole range of new Tassimo

Tassimo VIVY 2, Tassimo Suny, Tassimo Happy, Tassimo Caddy, Tassimo My Way, Tassimo Joy 

How to Descale clean a Tassimo Machine

Attached is a video of the Descaling steps for a Tassimo coffee maker

cleaning product, white vinegar