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SENSEO Price and Reviews

Senseo Coffee Machine


The Senseo Coffee Machine Original is suitable for all those looking for a simple, economical and effective solution for tasting delicious coffee.

Features Senseo ORIGINAL

Power 1450 W

Pressure: 1 Bars

Weight: 2.3 kg

Dim. (W x D x H): 17 x 31 x 25 cm

Water tank capacity: 1.2 l

Aroma Booster Technology

Crema Plus technology

Intensity selector

Reviews + Reviews –

-Small, compact and quiet


– Easy to clean

-prepare 1 or 2 cups

-fixed spout

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Senseo Coffee Machine

Senseo VIVA

Smart and simple to use, the Senseo Viva Café coffee pod machine offers you multiple functions to enjoy tasty coffee at any time of the day.COFFEE

Features Senseo VIVA

Power 1450 W

Pressure: 1 Bars

Weight: 2.7 kg

Dims. (WxDxH): 19 x 30 x 34 cm

Water tank capacity: 0.9 l

Aroma Booster Technology

Crema Plus technology

Intensity selector

Reviews + Reviews –

-prepare 1 or 2 cups

-Adjustable spout

-adjustable cup height

-Dishwasher safe accessories

-preheating between two cups

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Senseo Coffee Machine


Equipped with an adjustable cup rest according to the size of your cup, the Senseo Coffee Machine® Quadrante will give a touch of style to your interior thanks to its elegant design.

Features Senseo QUADRANTE

Power 1450 W

Pressure: 1 Bars

Weight : 2.8 kg

Dims. (WxDxH): 19 x 27 x 29 cm

Water tank capacity: 1.2 l

Aroma Booster Technology

Crema Plus technology

Intensity selector

Reviews + Reviews –

-Discreet (52 dB)
-Water level indicator
– Machine washable piece
– Automatic standby
-Automatic shutdown

-no signal for descaling
-40 sec to preheat


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Senseo Coffee Machine


With the new Senseo Coffee Machine® Switch 2 in 1, alternate the coffee pleasure: choose between a coffee maker to share ground coffee and a cup of SENSEO ® coffee!

Features Senseo SWITCH

Power 1450 W

Pressure: 1 Bars

Weight: 1.8 kg

Dims. (WxDxH): 15 x 40 x 27 cm

Water tank capacity: 1 l

2 in 1 technology

INOX Insulated Filter Coffee Maker

Senseo Coffee Machine

Reviews+ Reviews –

– water level indicator
– descaling level indicator
-Removable cup rest
-Removable water tank

Preheating between each preparation

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Vidéo Senseo Coffee Machine

Philips Senseo Original :The most sold

The most popular model of the Senséo brand is the Original coffee machine . Philips made, the Classic design of this coffee maker makes it very easy to use.

This coffee maker makes delicious coffee in less than 60 seconds and works with Senséo soft pods .

Setting up the pod is very simple . This Philips Senséo Original coffee machine is the only automatic coffee machine that can dispense 2 cups at a time with a single touch. A key is also used to manually adjust the length of the beverage cups. It is possible to have a very nice cream on top of your espresso thanks to the Crema Plus option. 

This model remains competitive (around 50 Euro) even if the spout is not adjustable. 

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Vidéo Senseo Coffee Machine

Philips SENSEO Viva : Adjustable and intuitive

For a price slightly higher than the Senséo Original (10 to 20 euro) thanks to its many options, the Senseo Philips Viva coffee maker is a coffee machine very popular with consumers

Length of the drink of choice (short or long) , aroma booster option, adjustable spout. Crema Plus technology allows your espresso to obtain a creamy cream is automatic. 

Descaling is indicated by a indicator light . The transparent tank can hold up to 0.9 liters

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Vidéo Senseo Coffee Machine


Philips Senséo Quadrante : Silent and Efficient

The Quadrante coffee maker has a rather rough design, rather square but which allows to install it as well in a kitchen as in an office.

In addition, with a noise not exceeding 52 dB, this Senséo coffee machine remain silent. Indeed, thanks to flexible pods , the Extraction Pressure is less noisy than on plastic capsules.

This Senseo Quadrante coffee maker, manufactured by Philips , is available in several colors: elegant gray, black, white, red.

Despite preheating for about 40 seconds, it is possible to prepare one or two cups of coffee in less than two minutes.

The cup rest is adjustable to three different heights.

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Vidéo Senseo Coffee Machine

Philips SENSEO Switch 2 en 1 : Pods and filter coffee

The Philips Senseo Switch is a coffee maker that combines the best of two worlds: Coffee Pod or Coffee filter , you choose as you wish.

Thanks to a simplistic design and only 3 buttons, the change is very easy: coffee pod in a cup or filter coffee in a stainless steel thermos, nothing could be easier.

This Philips coffee machine remains compact despite its one liter tank.

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Which brand of capsule coffee maker to choose: Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Senseo, Tassimo or Lavazza? 

Buying a capsule machine can be complicated given the quantity of coffee maker and capsule – pod available. There are several points to consider. Even if the drinks obtained are not exactly the same, all coffee connoisseurs find themselves there.

Lavazzadevelops automatic coffee makers with 15 bars of Pressure, there is a good variety of coffee capsules.
price, comparison and review of coffee machines capsule Lavazza here

Nespresso manufactures automatic capsule machines at 19 bars of Pressure, a very wide variety of capsule coffee like Starbucks or gourmet drinks
price, comparison and review of coffee machines capsule Nespresso here

With Bosch, Tassimo offers automatic coffee machines with 3.3 bars of Pressure. Thanks to the T-Disc system, more than 40 capsules are available as milka, carte noire, oreo, suchard, earl grey…
price, comparison and reviews of capsule machinesTassimo here

Philips and Senseo have created machines at 1 bar of Pressure, which is sufficient for paper coffee pods. With a good variety of pods, Senséo coffee machines are the only ones that can prepare double drinks.
price, comparison and reviews of capsule machines Senséo here

Dolce Gusto has teamed up with Krups to present automatic or manual capsule coffee machines with 15 bars of Pressure. The Dolce Gustos are the only ones to offer coffee makers with hot or cold water, a good variety of drinks (Nesquick capsule)
price, comparison and review of capsule machines Dolce Gusto here

The best Senséo pod machines:

What is the Best Senseo Machine? Here is a top list of the best most popular Senséo coffee makers currently in 2020

The Philips Senséo coffee machines are the only automatic pod machines that can dispense 2 cups at a time. They have excellent reviews online and are in the top sellers.

Coffee machines Senseo pods

Philips and Senseo have created machines with 1 bar of Pressure, which is sufficient for coffee pods in paper. With a good variety of pods , the Senséo coffee machines are the only ones able to prepare double drinks. 

The Best Senséo Coffee Machines : Original, Viva, Quadrante, Switch…

In order to satisfy the most demanding palates, Dolce Gusto has developed a wide range of pods capsule coffee machines

capsules are very easy to find and the maintenance of coffee machines is generally very limited.

Choose the right Senséo coffee machine according to your needs

Senseo is the only range of pod capsule coffee machines which allows you to serve 2 cups at the same time without losing quality. This is handy when you need to brew a lot of coffee quickly.

In addition, soft pods have several significant advantages. First the price: Senseo pods are the cheapest on the market. Senséo has developed a good variety of flavors to satisfy the most demanding coffee lovers. In addition, it’s soft capsules are free of plastics and aluminum, which makes them very easy to recycle.

SENSEO technology booster of aromas allows you to reveal the best of your SENSEO coffee pods. The pre-brewing system, gives the SENSEO pods to release all the aromas of coffee A finer distribution of water on the pods (from 5 to 45 water injection points) guarantees an optimal distribution of hot water throughout the pods. The taste becomes richer and more intense.

How to choose your Senseo Coffee Machine? 

Even if the budget is an important point, here is a list of points to take into account before buying a Senséo machine.

Most Senseo are mechanical. That is, a single touch is enough to start preparing a drink.

Le Réservoir : The capacity of the tank varies between 0.7 liter to 1.5 liter. Depending on your daily consumption, this is something to take into account seriously. The Senséo machines with indicator light are the most practical.

Height under spout: Small or large cup, the space under the spout must be sufficient to allow all kinds of glass to pass. Choose a coffee maker with the spout or easily adjustable cup rest

Options: Compared to its competitors, the choice in terms of options at Senséo remains limited: automatic standby, dimmer, light signal (descaling or water tank). The most exclusive option remains the possibility of making filter coffee with a senso pod coffee maker.

Le Niveau Sonore : With a noise not exceeding 60dB, the Senséo machines remain quite discreet coffee makers.

Dimensions and Design : Les Senseo coffee makers remain fairly compact coffee machines. Their design allows its pod machines to be integrated anywhere in your home.

Who makes Senseo coffee makers?

The Senseo machines are developed by the appliance manufacturer Philips. Philips is a Dutch technology company, based in Amsterdam. It is one of the largest groups of household appliances, medical equipment and lighting in the world.

In 2016, the company employs 114,000 people in more than 100 countries and has a turnover of 24.52 Billions of Euro’s.

Mainly manufactured in its factories in Poland, Spain or China, Philips equipment is reliable and robust. This is why the Philips Coffee Makers have been very well received by consumers as well as numerous international awards such as the IF Design Award or the Red Dot Award

How do I use a Senseo pod machine?

Each Senseo machine includes 2 pod holders to prepare 1 or 2 cups at the same time . Once the cup holder selected and installed, simply insert the coffee pod, place the cup under the spout and press the preheat button. After having checked that the water tank is sufficiently full and that the coffee machine is at the right temperature (button lit permanently), a simple Pressure is the preparation starts.

In order to keep the Senséo coffee maker clean, the pod will be discarded once the preparation of the coffee is finished.

How much does a Senseo cost? 

What is the price of a Senseo coffee maker? Where to buy a cheap Senseo?

Top 5 of the best Senseo coffee makers of the year have a price that varies between 49 and 160 euro. You can find Senseo coffee machines in most online stores like amazon, Darty, Boulanger, Carrefour …

Waiting for the right moment and comparing offers also offers great savings: Black Friday, Christmas, sale. the big ones teach in addition to free Senseo pods and shipping costs.

Price of Senséo Capsules

the Coffee price varies according to its packaging. The average price of a senso capsule is 0.16 euro, which makes it a very economical coffee maker

How to descale a Senseo machine?

Maintaining and descaling a Senséo coffee maker can extend the duration of life of your machine.

Daily cleaning is easy because the removable parts are all dishwasher safe. The external parts are washed with a soft sponge with or without soap.

Depending on your consumption of coffee , 1 or 2 descaling per year will be necessary. With White vinegar or cleaning products, the operation is very simple

For more details, see the videos of the steps to descale a coffee maker Senseo.


Culture and Harvesting of Coffee

The SENSEO coffee pods are obtained from high quality arabica and robusta coffee beans. SENSEO carefully selects coffee beans grown in the best regions of the world.

Processing and Transport

For better quality and greater freshness, we protect our precious coffee beans against humidity and smells. We transport our grains in airtight bags.

Roasting and Milling

The specific taste and aroma of Senseo capsules is revealed during roasting. To influence the taste, the coffee beans will be roasted for varying lengths of time. Once ground, the Café is carefully dosed and packaged in pods . Directly packed in a protected atmosphere, the SENSEO pods will preserve the delicious taste and aroma of our coffee blends..

Recyclable packaging

SENSEO coffee pods are among the most ecological products in the category of coffee systems

Energy saving

Thanks to the automatic shutdown function, Senseo coffee machines are safer and less energy-consuming. The Senseo coffee machines are developed in partnership with Philips and Jacobs Douwe Egberts. Senseo thus offers a wide range of quality pod machines : capsule coffee machine Original, Viva, Quadrante, Switch.