Coffee Machine Rex-Royal S300

Professional Coffee Machine

Coffee machine Rex-Royal S 300

Coffee machine Rex-Royal S3OO :
the Guarantee of a Perfect Coffee.

Freshly Ground and Infused according to new percolation technology , the S300 at the cafe to release all its saveurs

A simplified use : a simple touch on the multimedia touch screen, and the machine prepares automatically a tasty drink. Create your own recipes based on coffee, fresh milk, milk froth and chocolate. Irresistible…

Robust , Reliable and Efficient , the Rex-Royal S300 all-in -one is the perfect choice for professionals in the take-away sector, offices, hotels, restaurants or even in catering

A Flexible Coffee Maker


Coffee machine
Coffee machine S300 CT
Coffee machine S300 CT

S3OO CT : Coffee, Hot Water

– 1 or 2 mills
– up to 35 Liters of hot water per hour
– Touch screen for up to 24 selections
– Swiss Made

Coffee Bean Machine

Coffee machine S300 CST
Coffee machine S300 CST

S3OO C S T : Coffee, Hot Water +  Steam

– Optimized steam nozzles
– Easy preparation of hot milk or delicate milk froth

Professional Coffee Machine
Coffee machine
 S300 CSTI
Coffee machine S300 CSTI

S3OO CST I : Coffee, Hot Water, Steam + Soluble Products

Increase the possibilities by integrating our Soluble products module.
It includes 2 bins for:
– 2 types of chocolate
– 1 chocolate + 1 vanilla milk for example
or any other soluble

Cappuccino coffee machine
coffee machine S300 MCSTI
coffee machine S300 MCSTI

S3OO M CSTI : Coffee, Hot Water, Steam, Soluble Products + Fresh Milk

Add the refrigeration unit and access delicious FRESH Milk drinks:
– Milk Coffee
– Cream Coffee
– Cappuccino
– Latte Macchiato

Coffee Machine with Milk Frother

Coffee machine S300 MCTI-CF
Coffee machine S300 MCTI-CF

S3OO MCTI-CF : Coffee, Hot Water, Soluble Product, Fresh Milk + Compact Milk Mousse

Refrigeration unit COMPACT FOAM , the specialist in FRESH Milk foam: Enhance all your milk drinks with delicious Compact fresh milk froth


Included in the whole range
Rex-Royal S 3OO


Percolator Percolator

A solid, high-quality brew group allows you to grind up to 23 grams of coffee per brew cycle

Touchscreen Touchscreen

10 inch multimedia touch screen: Program your own Recipes. Up to 24 unique drinks possible.

Chocolate Chocolate

Two large containers of instant powder allow you to add delicious chocolate drinks to your menu, such as a vanilloccino

CompactFoam CompactFoam

Perfect quality fresh milk foam system: Variable consistency for a surprising compact milk foam

Cleaning Cleaning

Visual indications and automatic cleaning function allow easy use and maintenance

Fast Fast

The « PerfectBrew » function allows the optimal extraction of coffee during the simultaneous production of one or two doses

Extra Shot Extra Shot

« Double Shot » function allows you to prepare espresso with an « extra shot » of coffee

Fresh milk Fresh milk

A self-priming (venturi) system for fresh milk or an optional integrated milk pump allows the milk temperature to be adjusted individually.

Steam Steam

The steam control allows you to easily prepare hot milk or obtain a delicate milk froth


Additional Units

Coffee machine Rex-Royal S 3OO


Hot water
30 litres/h
30 litres/h
35 litres/h
58 kg
58 kg
58 kg
cups / hour
until 250
until 250
until 250

Coffee machine technical sheet S 300


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