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Franke A 1000 Coffee Machine


Discover the advantages of A 1ooo


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Anytime, anywhere: your favorite coffee


This promise of pleasure is for young and old, women and men, in the city or in the countryside, and especially to you.

  • The A1000 is full of sophisticated innovations so that every customer can enjoy their favorite coffee anywhere, anytime.
  • This exceptional intelligence is hidden at the heart of the A1000. Its high-end design makes it extremely attractive.
  • The Franke A1000 is perfect for meeting individual coffee needs anytime, anywhere.



The iQFlow ™ revolution


So far, to control the quality of the extraction, we have mainly relied on the fineness of the grind. With iQFlow , we have developed intelligent technology that takes you to a whole new level of aroma extraction and consistency in product quality.

  • Optimize the extraction of aromas from your beans
  • Define your own extraction profiles
  • Guarantee constant product quality at all times. Day after day, cup after cup



Franke A 1000 FoamMaster ™ Coffee Machine: a sumptuous milk froth


FoamMaster Franke A 1000 Coffee Machine technology guarantees perfect milk froth to melt with pleasure at all times.

  • A milk foam of incomparable quality: modular in consistency and density, applicable in pretty layers
  • A remarkable consistency : even with large quantities and a high level of requirement
  • Unlimited creativity: combining drinks with cold or hot milk froth or cold or hot milk
  • 2 types of milk, 2 parallel circuits : ideal for different types of milk and milk alternatives


Machine à Café Franke A 1000

A cinema-like user interface

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The multimedia user interface offers almost unlimited possibilities, including high definition videos with superb sound.

  • Fascination with customers: self-service with an attractive choice of drinks and selection of cup size and flavor
  • Efficiency for the service: entry of large orders in a single operation, which avoids errors and makes the most of the machine’s capacity
  • More information for your customers: simple presentation of information on the nutritional value and allergens for each drink
  • Additional sales for you: Quick and personalized configuration of the choice of drinks. Videos and advertising to encourage other purchases


Franke A 1000

Franke A 1000 Coffee Machine:
100% « swiss made »


The A1000 is produced in Switzerland. This guarantees excellent quality, reliability, efficiency, durability and, therefore, the best investment.

  • Excellent brew group: Patented brew group with filter of 43 & nbsp; and 50 & nbsp; mm and a patented spike filter. Removes from the front quickly and easily, without any tools.
  • & nbsp; Precise mills: possibility of mounting up to three mills. Grain tanks easily accessible. Central unlocking from the front of the machine, without any tools!
  • Three water heaters: separate for hot water, brewing coffee and steam. This guarantees maximum performance.


machine à café

CleanMaster: fully automated cleaning system


The CleanMaster fully automatic cleaning system is integrated as standard in the refrigeration unit of the Franke A 1000 Coffee Machine. It ensures constant compliance with the highest hygiene standards.

  • Scientifically proven cleanliness: fully automatic, easier and faster cleaning for exemplary hygiene (HACCP)
  • Hygienic and practical milk tank system: patented system for 2 types of milk, with 2 parallel refrigeration circuits
  • Efficient cleaning process: fully automatic process with integrated cleaning cartridge, safe and practical for maximum comfort


Video Franke A 1000 Coffee Machine

FRANKE Automatic Coffee Machine