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Franke A 800 coffee machine


Discover the advantages of the A 800



Franke A 800 coffee machine:
excellence in terms of capacity


The automatic machine A 800 was created to serve a very high number of drinks, very quickly and in impeccable quality. Make a perfect espresso while frothing milk and making hot tea? For her, this is not a problem thanks to its professional system with 3 water heaters. She is able to cope with busy times with confidence.


Machine à café Franke A 800

The iQFlow ™ revolution


So far, to control the quality of the extraction, we have mainly relied on the fineness of the grind. With iQFlow , we have developed intelligent technology that takes you to a whole new level of aroma extraction and consistency in product quality.

  • Optimize the extraction of aromas from your beans
  • Define your own extraction profiles
  • Guarantee constant product quality at all times. Day after day, cup after cup

Machine à café Franke A 800

Franke A 800 FoamMaster ™ coffee machine: a sumptuous milk froth


The standard FoamMaster ™ technology guarantees the perfect milk froth to melt with pleasure at all times.

  • A milk foam of incomparable quality: modular in consistency and density, applicable in pretty layers
  • A remarkable consistency: even with large quantities and a high level of requirement
  • Unlimited creativity: combining drinks with cold or hot milk froth or cold or hot milk
  • 2 types of milk, 2 parallel circuits: ideal for different types of milk and milk alternatives


EasyClean: automatic cleaning system


The EasyClean automatic cleaning system is integrated as standard. He ensures permanent compliance with the strictest HACCP hygiene standards.

  • Scientifically proven cleanliness: automatic cleaning, easier and faster for exemplary hygiene
  • Efficient cleaning process: automatic process with manual filling of the cleaning product, safe and practical for maximum comfort

Franke A 800

Suitable for all types of refrigeration


Whether you use your refrigerator or Franke’s 12-liter refrigeration unit, the A 800 makes no difference. And the quality of the foam is still just as sensational.


Franke A 800

Franke A 800 coffee machine: More flexibility


The A 800 offers even more possibilities for the configuration you want. A third coffee grinder for your own bean mix? With an additional Flavor Station or a cup warmer? The A 800 is an extremely scalable machine.



A new, very practical screen


The new 10.4 inch touchscreen display on the A 800 is a great invitation to order the drink you want in the easiest way. The photos of the drinks have never been so sharp and attractive. As for the use of the machine, it turns out to be very intuitive thanks to the menus.

optimal interaction.

  • Choice between three different brewing units, each perfectly suited to your coffee preparation
  • Extremely intuitive high-resolution screen
  • Functional lighting concept
  • Large bean container for easy filling
  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to the timer function and minimum current consumption in standby mode

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FRANKE Automatic Coffee Machine