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Coffee machine

BYO, Bring Your Own


Our intuitive coffee concept – the combination of touch technology with that of a fully automatic coffee machine – was quickly copied by many manufacturers. Meanwhile the Egro LAB research and development department is already one step ahead. Thanks to BYO technology you can use your tablet as a display and the dimensions of the screen as well as the interaction methods can be personalized and adapted to your specific needs.


Coffee machine


BYO allows you to use your own device remotely and to interact, always remotely, with the coffee machine. It offers a personalized solution for displaying the menu as well as placing orders using the multimedia keys. BYO FIXED is available with the Samsung tablet configured as a fixed screen.


Egro BYO Coffee Machine: Perfect Coffee

Coffee Machine


Offer the best quality in each cup:

– Distribution group of 18 grams in stainless steel.

– Dura Brew, a patented hermetic seal system that reduces maintenance and overall costs of operating the machine.

– Self Adjusting Grinder, self-regulating / self-regulating grinding system which corrects possible alterations such as that of the quality of coffee conservation, external climatic conditions, internal temperature of the machine and times of use.

– Stainless steel mills for perfect consistency and precision of the grinding dose.

– Automatic Spout, motorized system which adapts the height of the dispensing spout to the selected drink and to the type of cup used, particularly suitable for self-service areas.

– Easily removable, removable and washable nozzle


Egro BYO Coffee Machine with MILK

Coffee Machine


Top-Milk XP version can be equipped with:

– Cold Milk Foam for the fully automatic preparation of drinks with cold milk foam. It is possible to choose three different density levels by customizing the texture of the milk froth of the drink being dispensed.

– Automatic temperature and froth texture for hot milk.

– MLR (Milk Line Rinsing) using cold water and air during rinsing to avoid wasting electrical energy (patented system).

– 6.5 liter KS9 refrigerator with external screen and capacitive sensor for monitoring the milk level.

– Multi-Milk Selection option to use two different types of milk.

– Frigidaire FUM of 4 liters placed under the machine for a better optimization of spaces and equipped with a patented pressure sensor for precise and punctual control (patented system).

– Predisposition for the use of different refrigerating units under the bar counter.



Coffee Machine


The Powder Module allows you to use a multitude of preparations with the most disparate flavors. It is an external device located on the right side of the machine and consists of one or two independent hoppers. The selection and configuration of products is done from the machine device. The ingredients are mixed in a specific mixer located inside the module and the drinks are dispensed directly through the dispensing spout of the Egro BYO super automatic.



Coffee machine


Optimal management of additional services with:

– 4-TEA provides several levels of water temperature and several programmable dosages for quality tea and infusions.

– iSteam allows the milk to be heated and heated automatically.

– iSteam Plus (only for BYO Pure Coffee) improves the performance of the steam nozzle for heating milk. Designed specifically for locations with high consumption rates.

– Cool Touch thermally insulated steam nozzle like iSteam and iStem Plus, but with manual control.



Coffee machine


BYO Top-Milk XP offers an automatic and fast daily cleaning cycle. The machine automatically fills and empties the milk container inside the refrigerator and the user only has to put the detergent in the space provided. The super automatic offers the option of cold rinsing as a standard solution, for the protection of the environment and to avoid wasting electrical energy. This operation concerns almost the entire milk circuit and characterizes the safety of Egro products.


Interface and navigation

Coffee machine


Three different levels of password access:

– Operator – display of dedicated manuals and possibility of washing / rinsing the different circuits of the super automatic.
– Manager – display of statistics and possibility to configure the doses of drinks.
– Technical – full access to vital machine parameters.

Three different methods of use:

– Queue – the selected products are placed in a queue.
Ability to anticipate or postpone, eliminate or add the distribution of a specific drink from the list created.
– Productivity – simultaneous distribution of coffee / milk / powders, steam and water
– Self-service – the customer can prepare one drink at a time, without the support of the establishment team.


Video EGRO Automatic Coffee Machine