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Coffee machine

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Ergonomic, intuitive, characterized by an elegant design, easy to use and simple to clean, EGRO NEXT Coffee Machine guarantees high quality in the cup for each type of drink, hot or cold, based on coffee, milk and powders . Egro NEXT is mainly designed for hotels, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, petrol stations, cafes and self-services

EGRO NEXT Coffee Machine Configurations

Coffee machine


The stainless steel distribution group is available with distribution chambers of different capacities: 18 or 22 grams. The 22 gram model offers the possibility of preparing extra large American coffees in a single cycle and a Coffee Box of more than 2.7 liters in less than 5 cycles, reducing the average flow time. An ideal solution for take-out drinks.

Self-Adjusting Grinder is the intelligent grinding system based on an algorithm capable of correcting possible changes in quality in the cup caused by the interaction of non-controllable external agents, such as the coffee and weather conditions.

The stainless steel wheels are able to grind and dose with absolute precision the quantity of coffee necessary for each type of drink.

4-TEA provides different degrees of water temperature as well as programmable dosages for teas and herbal teas.

iSteam heats and froths milk in automatic mode and allows the operator to work with the right mix of air and steam. By operating on the consistency of the foam as well as on the final temperature of the product, it is possible to program and automate the personalized preparation for each drink recipe directly from the touch interface.


Solutions modulaires

Coffee machine


The External Powders Module allows you to prepare a large quantity of drinks with the most varied flavors. Through the interface it is possible to select the ingredients and customize the desired product. Following the selected configurations, Egro NEXT automatically mixes the ingredients in the mixer and dispenses the drink directly from the spout of the machine.

Cooled Coffee Module (CCO) is a solution designed to lower
the temperature of the coffee at the end of the brewing cycle – from 88 ° to less than 50 ° C – particularly suitable for all cold coffee preparations.

The 6.5 liter fridge with external temperature display is available with the Multi-Milk Selection option which allows you to use two different types of milk. For milk level monitoring, TOP-MILK is equipped with a capacitive sensor on the standard model and, optionally also available for external refrigerating units, with a pressure sensor (patented Egro LAB).

Egro NEXT can be configured with a milk suction system (SMPU) designed to use external refrigeration units that can be placed under the bar counter


Ergonomics and design

Coffee machine


Made of shiny stainless steel, Egro NEXT is an ergonomic machine with an elegant and functional design, with flexible lines and anti-scratch finishes.

The aluminum frame of the screen and all the integrated modules reflect the modern look of the machine body. The worktop is large and spacious to facilitate the operations of the bartender and it is lit with white LEDs.

In the self-service model, the stainless steel grid marks two different support spaces to facilitate the correct positioning of each type of cup under the spout, and it is easily removable and washable.

Automatic Spout is the optional system able to adapt the height of the spout according to the drink to be prepared and the type of cup used. In contact with food liquids, the two elements of the spout are removable and washable to facilitate ordinary cleaning.
The water outlet can be extended according to the operator’s requirements.

The Cool-touch steam nozzle is thermally insulated from the part subject to the increase in temperature and this allows the operator to work in total comfort and safety.

Dura Brew is the hermetic closure system (Egro patent
LAB) which minimizes maintenance and therefore the costs of operating the machine.


EGRO NEXT Cleaning Coffee Machine

Coffee machine


Egro NEXT offers an automatic and fast daily cleaning cycle. The machine automatically fills and empties the milk container located inside the refrigerator and the user only has to put the detergent
in the housing provided for this purpose.
Milk Line Rinsing is a milk system option that uses cold water and air for rinsing. A solution respecting the high hygienic standards of all Egro products (Egro LAB patent).



Coffee machine


The touch screen interface with HD screen, based on the Android operating system, is familiar, intuitive and fully customizable.
Multi Drink software guides the operator in preparing the drink.

With a few simple clicks it is possible to choose the coffee mixture, the dosage, the quantity and type of milk, the variety of powdered products.

Multi Drink is an option which can be chosen on specific drinks or on all those available. iButton is the option which can illustrate to the customers, through the tactile interface, several additional information on the chosen product (nutritional values ​​and origin of the ingredients) and which can provide operators with some practical indications to guide the preparation of drinks. 

The Multiple Screen mode offers several customizable and programmable settings as required. A very useful function for the hotel sector because it allows, for example, to select the self-service system in the morning and the traditional system at lunch.



Coffee machine


Connect is the telemetry system that allows the operator to control, even remotely, all the activities of a single super automatic machine or an entire fleet of machines.
It is thus possible to modify the settings of the various drinks, to check the availability of coffee beans and milk, the filling level of the waste container, to analyze consumption statistics and notifications relating to technical assistance and to the interview.


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