Coffee Beans Machine

Rex-Royal S 200 coffee machine

The automatic Rex-Royal S 200 coffee machine is intended for professionals in the CHR sector. 

This coffee bean machine combines cutting-edge technology and simplified operation thanks to its 10 inch multimedia touchscreen .

The very powerful Rex-Royal S200 coffee machine is an ideal solution for preparing various drinks – ristretto , espresso, elongated, milk coffee, coffee cream, cappuccino, latte macchiatto, chocolate …

If desired, you can also prepare two drinks at the same time.

A Flexible Coffee Machine


Coffee machine
Coffee machine S200 CT
coffee machine S200 CT

S2OO CT : Coffee, Hot Water

– 1 or 2 mills
– up to 20 Liters of hot water per hour
– Touch screen up to 24 selections
– Swiss Made

Coffee Bean Machine
Coffee machine S200 CST
Coffee machine S200 CST

S2OO C S T : Coffee, Hot Water + Steam

– Optimized steam nozzles
– Easy preparation of hot milk or delicate milk froth

Machine à Café Professionnelle
machine a cafe S200 CSTI
coffee machine S200 CSTI

S2OO CST I : Coffee, Hot Water, Steam +  Soluble Products

Increase the possibilities by integrating our Soluble products module.
It includes 2 bins for:
– 2 types of chocolate
– 1 chocolate + 1 vanilla milk for example
– any other soluble product

Cappuccino Coffee Machine

Coffee machine S200 MCSTI
coffee machine S200 MCSTI

S2OO M CSTI: Coffee, Hot Water, Steam, Soluble Products+  Fresh milk

Add the refrigeration unit and access delicious FRESH Milk drinks:
– Milk Coffee
– Cream Coffee
– Cappuccino
– Latte Macchiato
– Milk chocolate…


Included across the range


Percolator Percolator

A solid, high-quality brew group allows you to grind up to 16 grams of coffee per brew cycle

Touchscreen Touchscreen

10 inch multimedia touch screen: Program your own Recipes. Up to 24 unique drinks possible.

Chocolate Chocolate

Two large containers of instant powder allow you to add delicious chocolate drinks to your menu, such as a vanilloccino

Steam Steam

The steam control allows you to easily prepare hot milk or obtain a delicate milk froth

Cleaning Cleaning

Visual indications and automatic cleaning function allow easy use and maintenance

Fast Fast

The « PerfectBrew » function allows the optimal extraction of coffee during the simultaneous production of one or two doses

Extra Shot Extra Shot

« Double Shot » function allows you to prepare espresso with an « extra shot » of coffee

Fresh milk Fresh milk

A self-priming (venturi) system for fresh milk or an optional integrated milk pump allows the milk temperature to be adjusted individually.

Connection Connection

Connection through a fixed water connection or a fresh water tank (3.6 liters), with integrated filter cartridge; optional freestanding drip tray


Additional Units

Rex-Royal S 2OO Coffee Machine


Hot water
20 liters / h
44 kg
Cups / hour
up to 150

Technical sheet coffee machine S 200
Technical sheet coffee machine S 200


Video Automatic Coffee Machine

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    Machine à Café Grain Automatique Professionnelle


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